Jetpilot 2024 Venture Mens Life Jacket - Black/Black


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Jetpilot 2024 Venture Mens Life Jacket - Black/Black

Hold onto your handles, adrenaline junkies, because the Jetpilot Venture is here to supercharge your jet ski adventures! Think of it as your trusty sidekick, your waterborne MacGyver, ready for whatever the ocean throws your way (without the duct tape, thankfully).

This ain't your average life jacket. It's a gear-tastic oasis, packing more storage than a squirrel's winter stash. Multiple pockets, D-rings for attaching all your gadgets, and even a dedicated hydration pack pocket with a straw clip. Forget pit stops, you're a self-sufficient water warrior now.

But before you get lost in snack-pocalypse, remember safety first. The Venture boasts top-tier buoyancy foam, ultra-comfy neoprene for those high-speed G-forces, and a durable PK Lok zip that'll withstand saltwater tantrums better than your phone after a bad drop. Plus, reflective tape makes you a beacon of brilliance even when the sun decides to take a siesta.

And because memories are the souvenirs you can't leave behind, there's a built-in GoPro mount, ready to capture every epic wave-slicing stunt and dolphin encounter. You'll be the Aquaman of Instagram before you know it.

Now, let's talk passengers. Don't you hate those awkward back-of-the-bike hugs? Toss 'em overboard (figuratively, of course)! The Venture's got your back (and theirs) with patented Supergrip handles. Let your friends and fam grab on and enjoy the ride without clinging to you like barnacles.

So ditch the bulky boredom, strap on the Jetpilot Venture, and unleash your inner water-rooster. This Swiss Army Knife of PWC life jackets is your gateway to endless aquatic adventures, where the only limit is your imagination (and maybe the fuel gauge).

Bonus: Check out the sizing chart below to find your perfect fit, because comfort is key when you're ruling the waves. Now go forth and conquer, jet ski warriors!

Product Features:

  • AU Standards L50s Approved (PFD3 Equivalent): You can rest assured that you're wearing the best possible protection when you're out on the water.
  • 100% Flex Lite Ultra Neoprene: The soft and flexible neoprene construction provides a comfortable fit that won't restrict your movement.
  • Patented Supergrip Handles: Let your passengers ride along comfortably
  • GoPro Mount: Capture all your epic moments with this convenient GoPro mount.
  • Reflective Safety Tape: Be seen in low light conditions with reflective safety tape.
  • Durable PK Lok Zip: This high-quality zip will stand up to the test of time.
  • 3 External Storage Pockets: Keep your essentials close at hand with three external storage pockets.
  • Freelite CE Approved Bevelled Edge Buoyancy Foam: This lightweight foam provides excellent buoyancy and comfort.
  • Multiple D Rings and Webbing Storage Loops: Attach your accessories with ease.
  • Hydration Pack Pocket & Straw Clip: Stay hydrated on the water with a built-in hydration pack pocket (Hydration bladder sold separately).

Sizing chart

Size | Chest | Weight | Buoyancy

X-Small | 82cm | 40kg - 60kg | 45N

Small | 92cm | 40kg - 60kg | 45N

Medium | 100cm | 60kg - 70kg | 53N

Large | 104cm | +70kg | 60N

X-Large | 112cm | +70kg | 60N

XX-Large | 118cm | +70kg | 60N

XXX-Large | 124cm | +70kg | 60N

XXXX-Large | 130cm | +70kg | 60N

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