Rip Curl Mens Dawn Patrol Chest Zip 3/2 Steamer

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Rip Curl Mens Dawn Patrol Chest Zip 3/2 Steamer

As the days get cooler, the allure of water adventures shouldn't fade. The Rip Curl Dawn Patrol Chest Zip Steamer is your ticket to extending your time on the water, whether you're a seasoned rider or just starting out. Here's why this wetsuit is your perfect companion for cooler water:

Unrestricted Movement for Peak Performance

Imagine carving through the water with unrestricted mobility and flexibility. That's the magic of E5 Neoprene. This innovative material stretches with your every move, allowing for complete freedom whether you're paddling hard, maneuvering around obstacles, or performing technical skills. It's like having a second skin that enhances your movements, not restricts them.

Stay Warm and Cozy in Cooler Conditions

The Dawn Patrol isn't just about flexibility, it's about staying comfortable when the water temperature dips. The E4 Thermoflex back panels act like a heat trap, absorbing warmth from the sun and your body to keep you toasty throughout your entire session. But that's not all! The E5 Flash Lining throughout the suit wicks away water quickly, preventing that uncomfortable feeling of being chilled and waterlogged. So, you can jump back in after a dip and be ready to conquer the next challenge within minutes.

Effortless Entry and Exit with the Chest Zip Design

Struggling with a back-zip wetsuit is a thing of the past. The Dawn Patrol features a user-friendly chest zip entry system that makes getting geared up a breeze. It's like having a built-in changing assistant! You can suit up quickly and easily, so you can spend less time fiddling and more time enjoying the water. Plus, the chest zip design offers additional flexibility across the shoulders and back, for unrestricted movement during any activity.

Built to Endure: Durability You Can Trust

Rip Curl understands that watersports enthusiasts push their gear to the limit. That's why they've constructed the Dawn Patrol with durability in mind. Stress points are strategically reinforced with 3/4 E5 taping to ensure it can handle anything you throw at it, from crashing waves to aggressive maneuvers. It's an investment that will keep you warm and protected, adventure after adventure.

Finding the Perfect Fit for Your Watersport

The 3/2mm thickness of the Dawn Patrol is ideal for a wide range of water temperatures, making it perfect for those shoulder seasons or even chilly mornings. It provides a great balance of warmth and flexibility for various activities. However, we know comfort is key! If you find yourself in colder conditions than a 3/2 is designed for (generally we say above 16 degree water temp), have a look at the Rip Curl Mens Dawn Patrol Chest Zip 4/2 Steamer.

Don't Let Colder Water Clip Your Wings

The Rip Curl Dawn Patrol Chest Zip Wetsuit is your key to extending your water time. It's a wetsuit built for performance-minded enthusiasts who crave flexibility, warmth, and durability at a competitive price. It's the perfect companion for conquering cooler water, whether you're a seasoned rider or just starting out.

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Rip Curl Mens Dawn Patrol Chest Zip 3/2 Steamer